The plan was to head for France in January 2012, live on the boat in Toul doing whatever work needs doing and set off cruising in March when the weather turns warmer. Well, as Bobby Burns wrote, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley.” Harvey, a Boston civil rights lawyer, is down to his last case, which involves a constitutional challenge to the federal statute that bars men who did not register with Selective Service at age 18 from federal employment for life. The case was dismissed on appeal in the federal court and was almost certainly at an end. Then on October 17 the U.S. Supreme Court accepted the case for a February argument, one of only about 65 cases that court takes per year. The Supreme Court argument will be Harvey’s last court appearance. We’ll pack our bags for France before flying to DC. The case is scheduled for February 27. We leave for France a week later, on March 5. The case is at