Our 2013 cruise

The summer of 2013 was dominated by the weather, more specifically it was dominated by the Spring rain. Even more specifically, it was dominated by the flooding caused by the Spring rains. Our late April departure from Auxonne was postponed to early May while the River Saone dropped from its flood level. We were marooned (surrounded by vineyards, what a tragedy) in Southern Burgundy on the Canal de Centre when the canal wall collapsed in front of us and the river flooded behind us. After three weeks, we did a U-turn and started a counter-clockwise circle up the Saone, the Canal de Bourgogne, and the rivers Yonne and Seine, then down the Briare and Loing canals to the Canal Latéral a Loire, through the gorgeous Loire Valley, then back to the Canal de Centre heading west to east this time. With time to spare we travelled down the River Saone to Tournus and Macon before turning around and heading back upriver to our winter home at Auxonne. We returned to Massachusetts on September 11. This summer we journeyed farther from the canals, by bike, train, bus and rental car, getting us into parts of France unfortunately bereft of navigable waterways. It was a fascinating summer, deepening our appreciation, and love, for France.

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