We’re working our way down the Canal du Bourgogne through Southern Burgundy at a snail’s pace. But, of course, French snails are pretty agile lest they become drenched in pesto and olive oil. We’ll be leaving the barge at Entente Marine near Decize on the Canal Latoral de la Loire. We return to the U.S. August 31.

Besides Sandra’s painting all summer, constantly, endlessly, prolifically – with an online exhibition coming “soon,” also known as “eventually” – I’ve been working with a publisher on a novel, actually its a complete revision of a book I wrote eight years ago and never promoted or published beyond an Amazon posting. In light of the not-to-be-mentioned political state at home, I think the book has become current and appropriate. In briefest summary, it presents a plausible scenario for how something like the Holocaust could happen in the United States. Now Koehler Publishing has accepted it and is working away with editors and artists and marketers and all for a publication date in late November. Pretty exciting. And time consuming.

The publisher uses an online poll to receive feedback on proposed cover designs. I’d appreciate folks checking the publisher’s book page and responding to the cover poll. its at http://www.koehlerbooks.com/cover-polls/never-again-a-novel/. Or click on the image below and it will take you to the cover poll page. Thanks so much.

Click the image to go to the cover poll page and vote