We drive into Boston every Saturday and spend three hours at the French Cultural Center in the Back Bay, Sandra taking an intermediate level French class and Harvey sitting through French for Idiots, despite his total fluency in Boulangerese. The rest of the week is spent in English, however, except for time watching the French cable channel we pay ten dollars a month to Verizon to see. It is a disappointment, though. Too many game shows and not enough French cartoons.
While Sandra reads guidebooks about Alsace and Lorraine, next summer’s cruising grounds, Harvey is contemplating a winter writing project. We’d like your help deciding whether this blog could be the groundwork for a book about our travels in France.
We’d love to get some feedback from those of you who have been reading our blog postings. What are your thoughts on what you’d be interested in reading in a book based on these postings? Tell us what you’ve enjoyed reading about. And what parts you’ve skipped over, or worse. Would you like to read more about barge life, or France in general? Would a book that expands beyond the specifics of barging into more general thoughts on retirement be more interesting? Would you like to know more about the technicalities of finding a barge, maintaining it, learning how to operate it. Or is that part of the story too narrow to entertain you? Would you like to read about how we made the decision to get into this life style, and what steps were taken to make it a reality?
Feel free to post your ideas on the blog itself. Or email Harvey directly through the links on the pages.
We can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks.