This blog is hosted at We have no complaints about WordPress and recommend it highly. It is one of those places on the Internet that actually works, flawlessly so far. It turns out that WordPress can provide statistics about our blog. While we might feel a tad lonely here at times, especially on chilly, drizzly, windy, sunless days, WordPress tells us that thousands of folks in surprising places are joining in this adventure online. Check out these statistics.

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  • The search terms people used to find ranged from the expected ones, such as on a barge in France, hoop doet leven, and barge france to completely unexpected terms, including church europe with gargoyles, lacrosse shave head, the bags are packed, basque cheese and (our favorite) dijon’s ginormous.
People have visited from these countries.

People have visited from these countries.

Writing the blog has been great fun. We feel connected with friends and family through sharing our thoughts and experiences. In some ways, we feel like a reverse Alexis de Tocqueville, meandering through France’s villages, towns and cities, absorbing impressions – and bargeloads of food and drink – and sharing impressions of this old and exotic land. What a joy its been. As recently as New Years Eve, sitting at a table for six hours surrounded by 17 people from three French families the two of us leaned together and simultaneously whispered our secret affirmative pass phrase: “One more pinch-me moment.”

Nonetheless, if the seven of you Fijians who checked our site have any interest in a boat swap in February, drop us an email.